Thurmanovich Gallery


Karen ThurmanComment

Welcome to Thurmanovich Gallery, the gallery specialising in nature art. We are a community of artists and art lovers who are as passionate about the environment as we are about art, and we believe that art is the perfect medium to inspire the protection of nature. You can find out more about how we started and our values on our About page. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through our artwork.If you’re an artist interested in finding out more about being represented click here. If you’re interested in our artwork or our community please email.

This gallery has been a long time in the works. It grew out of a project, On Your Doorstep, that we (Mick and Karen Thurman) carried out in 2014/2015 (see more on the On Your Doorstep page). The gallery offers us a way to reach more people with our message of beauty and conservation, to recruit more artists-and-art-loving ambassadors. Buyers can enjoy beautiful artworks knowing that you’re joining a community of like-minded people and that your purchases are helping to protect and restore nature.

Happy browsing and shopping!