on your doorstep: whitstable

Exhibition: 11-24 February 2018, Horsebridge Arts Centre
Workshop: Saturday 14 February 2018, Horsebridge Arts Centre

We're really excited to be bringing you On Your Doorstep: Whitstable, an exhibition, competition and workshop. Here you'll find all the information you need for submissions, plus you'll be able to see what people have been sending in, and saying. After the competition closes, you'll be able to see who the winners are.


On your doorstep: whitstable exhibition

You are warmly invited to the Horsebridge Arts Centre, which will be home to our On Your Doorstep: Whitstable exhibition from 11th to 24th April 2018.

This multi-sensory exhibition will have something for everyone, from adults to children. Come and enjoy the artworks produced by artists who not only love making art, but have a deep connection with nature too. You'll see works made near really accessible locations like roadsides, car parks and local parks and woodlands where some of us walk our dogs.

You'll be able to see 

We look forward to welcoming you


OYD: Whitstable Gallery

Here are some early images of what our artists have found in and around Whitstable.

Latest competition suBmissions



Information about the workshop being held in Whitstable...