on your doorstep: whitstable competition

Competition: closing date 1 April 2018

We're eagerly awaiting your submissions for our On Your Doorstep: Whitstable competition. 

What you can enter:
Any artwork, writing (fiction, non-fiction, poetry), music or video as long as:
1. It relates to nature
2. It's from (or relates to) the UK, ideally from within 20 miles of the town you live in
3. It's your own work

Closing date:
Sunday 1 April 2018 at midnight:

3 each of artworks, writings, music and videos will be displayed at our exhibition alongside our own works.
1 of each will get the honour of winning the People's Choice Award.
All (appropriate) pieces we receive will be displayed on our website.

Want to submit?

Please send images in the following format:
- jpegs
- sRGB colour space
- 750 pixels on the longest side

We prefer to get these in MP4 format
Minimum length is 1 minute. There is no maximum length.
Please make sure it is child friendly (no obscenities)

Please send your writings in Word, Pages or PDF format
Maximum of 5,000 words. There is no minimum
Please make sure it is child friendly (no obscenities)

Please send Ideally MP3 format, but we'll take Wavs too
Maximum length is 5 minutes, minimum is 30 seconds
Please make sure it is child friendly (no obscenities)

For full instructions on submissions, send an email to: info@thurmanovich.com
If your piece is too large to send by email, contact us and we'll send you an upload link

Want to vote for the People's Choice?

Fancy being on the selection panel too? Well, you can be.

This year you will get the chance to have your say. We're introducing the People's Choice award where you can vote for your favourite bit of visual art, writing, music and video.

The winning entries in each category will be displayed/played alongside our own works during the exhibition at the Horsebridge. They'll be shown separately and the winners will receive certificates.

We'll be sending instructions via our newsletter, so click on the button below to subscribe. Don't worry, we only send out one a month and, since we value your privacy, we will never give or sell your details to anyone else. 


Latest competition suBmissions

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