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Submissions for REaders' gallery

We welcome submissions of all sorts of artwork for the Readers' Gallery: photography, painting, drawing, ceramic art, textile art, writing, poetry and more. There are a small number of guidelines to follow:

  • they works must be of nature
  • they must be your own work
  • ideally, they would be based on your country of residence
  • jpegs
  • size of the longest edge - maximum 1,500 pixels

You don't need fancy equipment - a smartphone to capture your art would be fine too.

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Become a featured Artist

If you're an artist and you want to be featured in On Your Doorstep Magazine, please drop us a line and we'll be able to send you  the full guidelines for submissions. The short version is:

  • we welcome any sort of art as long as it relates to nature
  • it must be your own work
  • we'll ask you to write a few paragraphs to go with the art
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