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On Your Doorstep was born in April 2014. The seed was planted in the western highlands of Scotland, an area blessed with crystal clear lochs, craggy snow-capped munros, imposing ancient Caledonian Pine forests and so much more. We were surprised so many people weren't aware of the natural beauty on their own doorsteps so we decided to share it with them.

From April 2014 until the end of 2015, we invited people to send us their images of nature on their doorsteps.We published them all online. You can see that archive here. We're resurrecting the public wall so we can share your images - details are just below this on the right.

On our side, we started with a single exhibition in Drumnadrochit, which quickly turned into 8 around the northern half of the UK. We chose non-iconic locations and drew a 20-mile radius around each. Although we walked a lot, enjoying what we saw, the images we exhibited were all taken within an easy 15 minute stroll of a main road or a car park; you don't have to hike for miles to find beauty around you. If you want to see excerpts from those exhibitions, click here

In the later exhibitions we also included a selection of works by local amateur and professional photographers. We loved meeting so many people at the exhibitions, but we want to reach a broader audience so we've gone global with On Your Doorstep Magazine. It carries on our tradition of using art and positive messages to inspire the protection of nature.


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Project of the Quarter: Antara

We're thrilled to share Antara project, founded by musician, artist, poet and linguist Annemarie Borg. Their mission statement:

The Antara Project relies on communication, imagination and education. Artist-Creators speak in a language that transcends prejudices and taboos, a language that nourishes the soul, asks questions, appeals to the imagination, to spirituality and creativity. It is in constant motion as we all are and to be stationary is not an option. With talent and gifts come great responsibilities. With public performances, exhibitions, audiences and appreciation comes opportunity to challenge, to make a difference.The language of Art questions and has the power to motivate and energise. The role of the artist has always been to express what is “naturally meaningful” even if this is uncomfortable and unpopular. The Antara Project aims to regroup artists who feel strongly about the place and rôle of Art in our society today and even more so in these troubled times.

Read more about the project in the September issue of On Your Doorstep Magazine, or visit

On Your Doorstep Magazine - Issue 5

On Your Doorstep Magazine - Issue 5

Submit your images

We invite you to submit your images and/or writings, which we'll publish on this site. We have three guidelines:
1. They need to be of nature
2. They should be from your country of residence
3. They must be your own work.
Find out more by emailing

We get lots of people who say "oh, my photos/art/writings aren't good enough". That's generally not true, and  anyway we're inviting you to share those places that are special to you so all us nature lovers can enjoy them too. We're joyously celebrating Mother Nature.