MICK Thurman

It’s not what you look at that matters but what you see

– H.D. Thoreau.

A light-hearted and inquisitive person by character, I’ve been interested in photography since my mid-teens though my first forays were less than conventional, shooting still pictures and video of skydivers during my time in the Army. A keen outdoors person, I am fascinated by nature in all its forms, ferocity and frailties. I’m as excited by bees flying into their nest under our house, or cows grazing in a city park as by a vast weathered mountain landscape. I have a sense of the quirky: sometimes in the outdoors I see phantasms hiding in trees and rocks and I love watching peoples’ faces as I reveal these “faces in the forest” to them. I am also fascinated by, and love to portray, man’s relationship with nature, marvelling at her ability to reclaim and remedy our incursions.

I use digital media and the full spectrum of colour to capture the natural world around us. Not keen to spend hours at the computer I use minimal digital post-processing, preferring to capture the image in-camera and I work a lot like a film photographer, taking my time with composition, using available light and pre-visualising the final image.