artist information page

Thurmanovich Gallery represents artists at all stages of development, from emerging to more established. We welcome approaches from artists who meet our criteria (below). Please check that you do meet them before contacting us.

  • Currently Thurmanovich Gallery only represents photographic and textile artists. We will update this section if that ever changes.

  • We represent artists whose main body of work is of nature.

  • Our artists are also active in environmental conservation in some way.

  • We’re particularly building on our representation of photographic artists who primarily work in analogue (film-based) processes

If you meet at least the first three criteria and are interested in speaking with us, then please send an email to with the following:

  • 10 low resolution images that you think best illustrate your practice

  • If the artworks are part of a series, please include an artist’s statement for it.

  • Your artist bio

  • Any information about exhibitions and publications