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"Take only photographs, leave only footprints"
- Anon

Thirty years ago, when Ted picked up our first camera to document his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party, I became hooked on photography. We started our learning journey with a weeklong course at Fern Howe in Braithwaite, Cumbria, sharing the one camera we had between us.  We decided to take our photography further and enrolled on a six year ‘Intensive Black and White’ course at Missenden Abbey Adult Learning Centre, which we loved and where our photography and our styles developed.

Ted and I share a love of nature and the beauty around us.  I’m as captivated by quiet scenes on beaches and at local woodlands as I am by the grand vistas of northern England, Scotland and Scandinavia. I love experimenting with colour and black and white, and my work is often a little ethereal. Ted and I support The National Trust, English Heritage and RSPB and in anything we do, we ensure that we don’t adversely affect the environment.