On the cutting edge: A history of textile art

Textile art is something particularly special. Textiles stand out from other art forms, such as painting, photography or sculpture, because they manage to walk that line between practicality and beauty. It’s perhaps for this reason that textile art so often finds itself on the cutting edge of human interaction, despite sometimes facing a degree of snobbery from elsewhere in the art world. From the use of clothing to denote social status to the way in which fabric, folklore and storytelling are so intrinsically linked, textiles and creativity have always gone hand in hand. 

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Karen ThurmanComment
Nature in Art

Nature, in some form or another, is a constant; something that we all come into contact with, no matter where we live. However, our perception of nature is a lot more complex, and nowhere is this more obvious than the way in which nature is represented in art. Art history provides a fascinating insight into

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