Inseparable Luminosity

Inseparable Luminosity


Earth Stands Still series description:
In many cultures, the horizon used to mark the end of the (known) world – a natural, often even supernatural border. But apparently, the horizon is in constant motion, and no matter how far we sail, we can never reach an end. So how does the perception of life and death change when there is no border, no abyss, no end?

When your body and mind separate, the dharmata will appear, pure and clear yet hard to discern, luminous and brilliant, with terrifying brightness, shimmering like a mirage on a plain in spring. Do not be afraid of it, do not be bewildered. This is the natural radiance of your own dharmata, therefore recognize it.
(The Tibetan Book of the Dead, 2nd Bardo)

Artist: Nils Karlson
Series: Earth Stands Still
Archival pigment print

Image Size: 19.7" x 19.7"

Edition 1 of 25