New Life

New Life


With the advancement of spring comes the delight of the fresh green shoots and leaves in the forests and woods, heralding new life and new beginnings in the natural world. Beech trees have to be my favourite tree at this particular time of year, as they seem to produce the brightest of all of the shoots in the wood, just screaming out ‘I’m alive’ and bringing a lively energy to wherever they are. I am lucky that I have a small Beech wood near to where I live and in the spring in the evening when the golden light hits the trees it makes the greens appear even brighter than usual. I felt that using some camera movement for this image would reflect the explosion of energy from the trees and their fantastic colour accentuated by the sunlight.

Artist: Phil Starkey
Series: Living Landscapes
Archival pigment print

Image Size: 42cm x 59.7cm

Edition 1 of 25