This wonderful set of Beech trees was right beside a main road and I knew that I wanted to photograph them as soon as I saw them because the whole avenue was simply awash with this amazing golden glow like it was liquid dripping from the trees in the sunshine. Like a woman possessed I tried so many different positions and compositions to photograph them, however nothing I was producing was showing them in the way that I wanted them to be seen. They reminded me of fireworks or better still a flowing molten metal. How could I make that translate? The easiest way was to be free flowing myself, just as the metal would be or the fireworks would fall from the sky and take the camera off the tripod and let myself and my imagination go. So, whilst avoiding getting run over by cyclists, cars and the odd truck, I began a merry dance with my camera in the middle of the road giving the movement the scene deserved finally producing fiery liquid dripping from the trees as I’d first seen it.

Artist: Phil Starkey
Series: Living Landscapes
Archival pigment print

Image Size: 42cm x 59.7cm

Edition 1 of 15