The Seasons Turn

The Seasons Turn


There had been the first frost of the winter season on Dartmoor, but only in certain deep pockets that Mother Nature seemed to have specifically picked out. It crunched under foot and the crisp air had trapped the distinct smell of autumn moulds that comes only from the fallen leaves from the trees. There were two sections of colour in this pocket at Newbridge, one of the white frost all cold and clean, and the other of the warm tones of autumn still hanging on in the trees and I wanted to marry them together like the seasons themselves are tied. Using camera movement was the perfect way of doing this, to still keep their identities but merge them slightly where the edges met showing that relationship and transition between the two.

Artist: Phil Starkey
Series: Living Landscapes
Archival pigment print

Image Size: 42cm x 59.7cm

Edition 1 of 25