The Gaggle

The Gaggle


On this occasion when arriving at my location I was at first more intent on photographing the river that I was standing in and this scene took a while for me to recognise. It wasn’t until I’d settled down and had relaxed into my surroundings that this little gathering of birches became apparent. I was up to my ankles in the freezing cold river and looking up the bank to these lovely young trees, which felt to me as if they had grouped together specifically to do the same, look down at me and have a gossip and wonder about what I was doing there, I felt watched by them. They reminded me of a gaggle of young teenagers hanging around demanding my attention, so happily I gave it to them. 

Artist: Phil Starkey
Series: Living Landscapes
Archival pigment print

Image Size: 42cm x 59.7cm

Edition 1 of 25