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Phil (Philippa) Starkey

Throughout a tumultuous childhood, the landscape gave me beauty and hope every time that I thought there was none left in the world. It has been my solid friend throughout my life and my son’s. It has been a way to build many happy memories with him, puddle jumping in the mud and rain, picnicking by the river and more. The landscape offers me a mental calmness that I can’t find in anything else, and when I photograph it that’s, in essence. what I’m offering you - a breathing space for the mind that only the magic and beauty of the land can offer. 

My favourite times of day are dawn and dusk, with their glorious range of colours and tones that you just don’t get at any other time. Some people don’t realise, for instance, that there is a blue hour before sunrise which is so rich and has wonderfully fresh light. Every day is individual, and there’s no better way to show this than by photographing it in all its changeable colours.

I’m especially inspired by artists whose work evolves over time, who don’t fall prey to falling into a rut and staying there. Their work encourages me to do the same – to learn, to grow, to find different ways of expressing myself, to better understand all parts of my creative side. Interestingly, although I seek calm and tranquillity in landscapes and photography, in other art forms I’m drawn to bold, bright colours which bring energy and excitement.


Living Landscapes